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      The car is easy to neglect the place, many people like some car washing tools and miscellaneous heap in the inside, especially the place where the spare tire is more likely to hide dirt, accumulated water vapor easily flow to the groove of the spare tire. If left unused for a long time, the sheet metal and tire changing tools in this section will rust and eventually spread to the entire chassis. Therefore, it is better not to pile up unnecessary sundries in the trunk

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          Another important function of car wax is to reduce water droplets on the paint surface. Water droplets in the paint due to the role of tension, become a hemispherical, in the sunlight, they are like a small convex lens, so that the sun gathered, burns the paint surface@γ氵ߺϻҪԭ֮Ҽ܇ϞʹϸˮΜp60%90%KʹϵˮMҼƽչʱƽp܇ܵĂ 


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